Application for admission

1 - Initial contact

Application for admission  :

2 - The application process

  1. Reading and acceptance of the house rules and regulations
  2. Submission of the duly completed application form
  3. Payment of first registration fees (non-refundable)

3 - The registration procedure

  1. A registration form is sent to the family; if the child is on the waiting list, registration will be confirmed in the month of March preceding the desired academic year.
  2. Once the request has been accepted, the school will send the family a copy of its Rules and Regulations, which the family must complete, sign and send back to school. A copy of the signed contract will be given to the parents.
  3. The completed and duly signed house rules entails a direct payment of the registration fee which amounts to 550 euros.

Registration becomes effective upon receipt of payment of the full amount of the registration fee, paid into the bank account of STEPPING STONES asbl within eight days of the registration confirmation with the reference: ‘last name, first name + invoice number.’

As stated in the Rules and Regulations, the registration fee covers administrative costs and is non-refundable.

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