Stepping Stones

Primary and preschool

Kindness, Autonomy, Curiosity

Established in 2015, Stepping Stones welcomes preschool and primary school children in Brussels.

At Stepping Stones, our priority is to instil self-confidence, curiosity and autonomy in each child.

Embedded within a bilingual environment (English/French), our teaching method combines the Montessori approach with collaborative and traditional teaching methods. This unique pedagogy is rooted in the belief that all children have immense potential, and that above all the role of an educator and parent is to activate this potential in the child.  The combination of these teaching methods offers each child the structure and freedom to explore. As a consequence, guided by attentive teachers, our students are given the opportunity to develop and progress in harmony with their own rhythm.

The French learning programme is aligned with that of the “Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles”, and it is duplication in English immersion for the English programme, but assessed by “Cambridge English”.

5.0 - Fantastic

Mixed-methods Approach

Children are the agents of their own learning process, guided by the teacher, at their own pace. Just as in our preschool, we combine the Montessori approach with more “traditional” methods. One day per week is devoted to cooperative learning, working on joint projects...
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Stepping Stones prepares our students, from preschool through primary school, to become bilingual citizens. At Stepping Stones children learn in English and in French... ​
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  • Happy, thriving children
  • Children who develop their social skills
  • Autonomous children
  • Children who change the world
  • Parents who are involved
  • A dynamic teaching team
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Discover the school and the team

Stepping Stones
is hiring

Vacancies for the 2024-2025 school year:

  • A French-speaking certified Montessori teacher for age group 6-9 
  • An English-speaking primary level teacher for age group: 9-12 

General profile we are looking for:

  • Passionate about teaching and child development, and committed to our vision of education
  • Love for children, caring nature with a positive attitude
  • Independent

If you are interested, please send us your CV and cover letter

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