Kindness, Autonomy, Curiosity

Excellence in learning

Outre les socles de compétence de l’enseignement fondamental traditionnel, notre école excellera dans l’apprentissage du langage oral.

In addition to the traditional skills that form the basis of primary education, Stepping Stones Primary school equips the children with the necessary confidence to engage in public speaking. Speaking in front of an audience can be a challenging and stressful experience for children as well as adults. Yet speaking confidently in public is a common and influential action in everyday life. Speech is a powerful tool, the proper use of which contributes to the formation of one’s own identity and aids in building self-confidence.


Aiming both at oral language learning and developing critical thinking skills, our effective speaking activities are specially designed and integrated within the daily schedule, in all subjects. Activities aim to help develop self-confidence, pride, satisfaction and awaken in children the desire and pleasure of public speaking. In the classroom, opportunities are taken by the teachers to (i) initiate thematic debates, (ii) encourage children to share thoughts about outings, events and current affairs, and (iii) decipher texts and songs.

Speaking is a trigger for cognitive development, which is why at Stepping Stones Primary school, we will give this skill pride of place in our educational project. This work is built on the strength of Montessori workshops which aim to stimulate the child’s senses and promote individual development. Our teachers facilitate the development of each child’s individual thought, and give each child the tools to develop the emotional and intellectual maturity to express their opinions, feelings and express their thoughts and views (without teachers imposing their own opinions).

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